Point Rescue (or Wink Rescue) is one of the four available rescues in Pirate Maidens.

There is one Free Rescue available daily. Each additional rescue costs 200 Winks.

Multi-Rescue costs 2000 Winks for 11 pirates.

The rescues provides Pirates with a rarity ranging from Normal to Rare+.

Current lineupEdit

It is possible to rescue the following pirates:



Since summer 2014 all ★ & ★★ have been removed from wink rescue. Nonetheless some of them still figure in the game line up as possible rescue. In some extremely rare case, you can rescue one of these. It is currently unknow if it is a glitch.


Removed piratesEdit

The following pirates have been sent to Davey Jones Locker (i.e. removed from the Jolly Roger Rescue):

Name Remove date
Rhea the Wise 2013-11-12
Tabia the Red 2013-11-12
Elf Mage Plum 2013-11-12
Bard of the Stars, Caprina 2013-11-12
Healer Fenia 2014-04-?
Golden Gun Amanda 2014-04-?
Seeker Lana 2014-04-?
Two-Fan Shion 2014-04-?
Maiden Tina 2014-04-?

Replaced piratesEdit

Name Remove date Replaced date
Guardian Zamara 2013-11-12 2014-04-?
Sea King Parks 2014-04-? 2014 Summer