Morisa the Scallywag
Morisa the Scallywag gold

Rarity ★★★
Cost 13
Nation Bellator
Type Corsairs
Combo Type Dandy Combo0001
Release Date Nov 21, 2012
Encounter Message: I'm in charge of the Lightning Brigade[']s uniform design! Time for a new look!
"Look! That dress is so cute! I love it with all my heart. If she doesn't give it to me, I'll slit her throat with my claws! In an adorable way, of course."
— Morisa the Scallywag

This compulsive liar likes to claim she was raised not by wolves, but by cats. Either way, it's untrue; she was raised by a wealthy merchant who could afford to indulge her unique fashion tastes.


Lvl 1 : 600
Max  : 1268
Max+: 1648

Growth: +20/15/10

Lvl 1 : 1400
Max  : 2993
Max+: 3890

Growth: +40/35/30

Growth Progression: [2-11][12-16][17-30]

Skill: Interloper
Bellator DEF +10%


Enhance Value: 150 experience

Dismiss Value: 1092 pence


Bonus Story InformationEdit

Related to Bonus Story 8 for Kraken Draught (Cup) x3 - additional requirements: Alexa the Cunning, Fianna the Swift, Mech Mermaid


IMG 4399

Poster vector of Morisa the Scallywag

Non-English details
Japanese name コスプレ・モカニャン
Chinese name Cosplay莫咖猫
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 加藤杏奈
Voice actor (E) Kato Anna