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The Lightning Brigade is a special random encounter in certain parts of the storyline, as well as the boss for Bellator chapter 10 act 1, and Sanctus' chapter 13 act 2 and chapter 14 act 1.

Random EncounterEdit

Prior to their appearance, lightning will strike, signifying the special encounter. Following the lightning strike, one of their members (Morisa, Lael, Fern confirmed to apear) will appear along with a message which varies depending on the member. The Lightning Brigade is composed of Studious Morisa (exclusively persuadable if she leads), Dual Gunner Lael, Fern the Deck Brush, Gunner-Mage Fleur, and Mysterious Pirate.

The leading pirate of the Lightning Brigade is persuadable upon their defeat.



The Lightning Brigade when encountered as the boss for Bellator chapter 10 act 1 are led by Gunner-Mage Fleur, and consist of the same crew as when encountered randomly in the storyline.


The Lightning Brigade when encountered as bosses in Sanctus chapters are upgraded compared to their random encounter crew, consisting of 4* variants of the same pirates. In chapter 13 act 2, they consist of Shore Driven Lael, Fern the Exuberant, Summer Morisa, and two Mysterious Pirates. In chapter 14 act 1, it is revealed that Andred the Victorious is their captain, and they are brawled again with the same crew as before, with the additions of Andred and Agrona the Sage replacing the Mysterious Pirates encountered earlier.