Invincible Veleda
Veleda gold

Rarity ★★★
Cost 10
Nation Bellator
Type Corsairs
Combo Type Combo Saucy0001
Release Date Unknown
Encounter Message: You'll need all these things for travelling. Give me your money!
"My greatest friend and my greatest rival is always disappearing on secret missions. Doesn't she get lonely by herself? I like being surrounded by a loyal crew and a good captain."
— Invincible Veleda

The greatest pride of this warrior is her undefeated record in the Colosseum. Her risky technique involves completely ignoring defense to focus entirely on unrelenting attack.


Lvl 1 : 1500
Max  : 3143
Max+: 4085

Growth: +35

Lvl 1 : 1000
Max  : 1793
Max+: 2330

Growth: +15

Growth Progression: [2-30]

Skill: none


Enhance Value:
150 experience

Dismiss Value:
840 pence


-Persuade boss in Bellator, Chapter 12, Act 1

-Persuade after random encounter in Story Mode Chapters 1-15.

-Persuade after random encounter in certain Dungeon Events.

-Persuade boss on Floor 10 in Mount Aurelia during the Crush the Rebellion Event.

Bonus Story InformationEdit

Related to Bonus Story 29 for Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 - additional requirements: Sergeant Ellan.


IMG 4387

Poster vector of Invincible Veleda

Non-English details
Japanese name 無敵のヴィヴ
Chinese name 无敌薇薇
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 何直美
Voice actor (E) Nan Naomi