Golden Gun Amanda
Amanda gold

Rarity ★★
Cost 6
Nation Sanctus
Type Gypsies
Combo Type Dandy Combo0001
Release Date Nov 21, 2012
Encounter Message: There you are! One sweet bounty!
"Ah-ha! I've found a new target! I'll make you see all the evil things you've done flash before your eyes. Ha. Feel free to resist, but don't think you'll be able to escape from this golden gun of mine!"
— Golden Gun Amanda

She wanders the world, picking fights and collect bounties. Once she finds a target, she puts on a serious fight.


Lvl 1 : 800
Max  : 1475
Max+: 1917

Growth: +20

Lvl 1 : 600
Max  : 1225
Max+: 1592

Growth: +20

Growth Progression: [2-20]

Skill: none


Enhance Value:
30 experience

Dismiss Value:
432 pence


-Tutorial: Randomly one of three potential normal+ pirates.

-Persuade boss in Maquina, Chapter 12, Act 1.

-Persuade after random encounter in the Sky Tower during the Cloudscape Event.

-Previously available in Point Rescue

-Persuade after random encounter in the Mountain Festival during the Test of Courage Event


  • This card is bugged, occasionally displaying itself as a Sanctus Gypsy card.