Fern the Deck Brush
Fern deck brush

Rarity ★★★
Cost 11
Nation Sanctus
Type Gypsies
Combo Type Dandy Combo0001
Release Date Nov 21, 2012
Encounter Message: This is the Lightning Brigade's counter attack!
"It's funny. It's deck brush's decision then. Brushy can talk, you know. It always decides my travel destinations, and gets a boat for me as well. Hmm, which one is the owner?"
— Fern the Deck Brush

Originally she was a restaurant busser, but her fate changed after meeting a talking deck brush. She changed her job to a pirate and follows the magical deck brush around the world.


Lvl 1 : 1250
Max  : 2493
Max+: 3240

Growth: +20/25/30

Lvl 1 : 1250
Max  : 2493
Max+: 3240

Growth: +20/25/30

Growth Progression: [2-11][12-16][17-30]

Skill: none


Enhance Value:
150 experience

Dismiss Value:
924 pence


-Persuade boss in Bellator, Chapter 1, Act 2.

-Persuade boss on Floor 65 in the Sky Tower Cloudscape Event

-Jolly Roger Rescue


Non-English details
Japanese name デッキブラシのファニー
Chinese name 飞天扫帚芳妮
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 中嶋梓
Voice actor (E) Nakajima Azusa