Double Blade Linda
Linda gold

Rarity ★★★★
Cost 17
Nation Bellator
Type Corsairs
Combo Type Combo Fierce0001
Release Date Dec 17, 2012
"It's up to me to beat the Legionaire! It is my destiny! Oh, you aim to defeat her too? I won't forgive you if you get in my way!"
— Double Blade Linda

A descendant of a former leader of Bellator, the Warrior Nation. Since strength is all that matters if a person wants to rule this country, she has been educated in the art of battle from an early age.


Lvl 1 : 2400
Max  : 3906
Max+: 5077

Growth: +25

Lvl 1 : 2300
Max  : 3781
Max+: 4915

Growth: +25

Growth Progression: [2-30]

Skill: none


Enhance Value:
300 experience

Dismiss Value:
1734 pence


-Awarded to the top 400 players who defeated Buccaneer Rosa the most number of times during the Buccaneer Rosa Raid Event.


Non-English details
Japanese name 大切断リンチャ
Chinese name 大切断林查
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 内山由貴
Voice actor (E) Yuki Uchiyama